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Born and raised in Johannesburg, South Africa, I would never have imagined the possibilities that lay beyond my small home town, nestled a few thousand kilometers away in London. I left home to seek out my dream to make meaningful music, music that connected with people's souls and woke something deep down inside. I wanted to write lyrics that resonated and melodies that shook emotions. It all came together in 2017, when I met Eden Michelle, a classical pianist & producer, for the first time in London.

With a shared passion and the same vision we joined forces to reconnect the generations of today with timeless and authentic sounds. By combining our talents, we hope to shed light back onto the stars who deserve a place on centre stage and bring you music to fall in love with.


The Smoke

‘The Smoke’ is a true reflection of Dan Shaw & Eden Michelle’s imminently influential story of wanderlust, passion & struggle to find peace in the never ending hustle & bustle of The City of London. Combined with their harmonious duos and poetic influence, ‘The Smoke’ is nothing short of a spectacle - Two young go-getters, shedding light back into the true meaning of music.

music videos

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Nancy Sinatra - Shot Me Down Cover by Dan Shaw (Live at Yours Truly)


Dan Shaw: danshawmusic@gmail.com